Community Based Learning

Community Based Learning is a vital educational tool to help students receive practical students while connecting with local community partners

Create a Community-Based Learning Course

  • At the beginning of the semester, either the instructor or the students will provide a Community Based Learning Agreement Form. This form is intended to foster a good initial discussion about the expectations of the project and the intended learning objectives. 
  • Mid-semester your organization will be contacted to confirm the student(s) are meeting the expectations of the planned project.
  • At the end of the semester, the primary supervisor of the student(s) involved will be asked to complete an evaluation form. This information helps students assess their performance and helps faculty with continual course improvement. 
  • If the project was a positive one for you, and the course is offered again in the future, the process can continue its cycle again in subsequent semesters. 

Forms Overview

When students will be working on-site with a community partner, some paperwork is needed to assure that the students, instructor and community partner have the same understanding of the nature of the project. This paperwork is not necessary when students work off-site on a deliverable for the community partner (e.g. designing a donor database or new website). Any tours or site-visits should appear in the course syllabus, no further paperwork is necessary. 

Other Considerations

  • Work can be completed onsite or in a remote setting depending on the project